• Welcome to Avantgarde Management Services
    Welcome to Avantgarde Management Services
    Avantgarde Management Services is a process outsourcing company which specializes in Emergency Response and Recovery Services, Customer Contact Solutions and Business Advisory.
  • Emergency Response and Recovery Services
    Emergency Response and Recovery Services
    We deploy appropriate resources to manage emergencies and perform a seamless recovery operation within the shortest possible time.
  • Emergency Response and Recovery Services
    Emergency Response and Recovery Services
  • Customer Contact Solutions
    Customer Contact Solutions
    We provide our clients with top quality round the clock contact center services.


We use a strategic approach to identify and address business problems.

Our Services

Drawing on a multidisciplinary approach, we deploy solutions and service business sectors with a particular focus on Organizational Processes, Health management, Security and Communication. Largely, we offer solutions in the following areas

Risk Management

We assess, minimize, and prevent accidental loss to your business, by anticipating and recommending potential pitfalls and where required, working through the implementation plan.

Customer Contact Solutions

We are able to provide our clients with contact center solutions, virtual assistant services as well as social media management for medium and large scale organizations.

Crisis Management & Communication

We develop contingency plans and operational procedures with clear scenario visualization to ensure that our clients are able to rapidly address crisis situations.

Business Advisory

Working with your decision makers, we assist in forecasting, making projections and industry analysis; knowing the trends allows our clients the chance to plan strategically- proactively instead of reactively.